Belinda Finds Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Benefits in Hot Yoga at PURE Yoga Texas

I’ve practiced various yoga formats, over the years, on my own, at regular and hot yoga studios, and Pure Yoga Texas works best for me. I need that heat! As a public high school teacher, I needed Pure for stress relief. Every time I return from parent care in south Texas, Pure is here for me. When I sustain an injury, 26+2 classes heal me.

The instructors are among the highest of caliber in the Austin area, and I’m inspired by top notch yogis I encounter in class. The owners are very friendly, involved and supportive. Poses in the 26+2 classes are tough, but rejuvenating — safe on the wrists, restorative for joint and spine issues, etc.

Pure has added more variety to their class offering, so you can get strong and buff in a HIIT Inferno Pilates class or chill in Yin. When I’m stressed, I head in for a physical, mental and spiritual cleanse. Thank you, Pure!

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