Thank You Students, We Won Austin Best of the Best!

It’s been a week and we are still overwhelmed with gratitude to all our staff and students for helping make PURE Yoga Texas the best yoga studio in Austin! To our wonderful students; whether it is your first class, or your first year, or your 10th year…each of you matter and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your yoga journey. To the teachers; thank you for all you do to lift up and heal the Austin community. As teachers we often give selflessly of ourselves to help others with the hope that some small part of what we share is absorbed and benefits to the receiver. This award signifies that the students of PURE Yoga Texas appreciate all of the selfless energy, time and dedication.

Thank you again, we look forward to the coming year and the ability to invite more people into this yoga community to share this healing practice. You don’t need to be flexible or strong, you just need the desire to improve. #yogaismedicine Namaste.


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