last update: August 10, 2021

At PURE, we share a collective responsibility to each other, so please be reminded to observe these rules:

  • If you are unvaccinated, please wear a mask at all times except when on your mat. If you are vaccinated, it is your choice to wear a mask or not. You’ll notice our PURE staff and teachers wearing theirs regardless of vaccination status.
  • OBSERVE physical distancing markers and staff directions. We did it for over a year already, so these habits should be natural by now!
  • REGISTER ONLINE for classes. NO walk-ins. Class capacities at all locations have been reduced.
  • EARLY CANCEL up to 2 hours before class start time to allow WAIT LIST students the opportunity to attend class.
  • ARRIVE EARLY (up to 5 to 15 minutes before class). Front doors open 15 minutes before class time.
  • BE PREPARED with your own Mat and Towels. Rentals are now available for $5 each.
  • SHOWERS, LOCKERS, and DRINKING FOUNTAINS are open, but continue to maintain social distancing.

We’ve been at this for well over one year and have adapted protocols in response to local health authorities and warning signs. Let’s roll with the requirements and needs of today to help our overburdened healthcare system stay intact.

Remember that staying fit and healthy are some of the best ways to keep you physically and mentally fit through these challenging times. Studies show that heated yoga and exercise is highly beneficial to your immune system. Moreover, our heated yoga rooms are designed and equipped with great ventilation, UV-C air sanitization, and heated furnaces that bring duct temperatures to well over 150 degrees. Know that not all indoor spaces are created equal!


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Pounds of Prevention | Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sanitizing

Many experts say that droplets and aerosols are the greatest risk to spread, magnified exponentially through uncovered coughing and sneezing. This is also why it is critical for people who are symptomatic to stay home. Your sneezes and your coughs expel so much virus that you can infect a whole room of people. Despite our reduced occupancy level ensuring >6-feet physical distancing, every one of us needs to be mindful of nose breathing and completely cover random coughs and sneezes. It is perfectly okay to come out of a pose to do so! READ: 3 Proven Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing

If you have been around the studios over the years, you know that we have always been obsessed with cleaning (removing germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces to lower the risk of spreading infection) and disinfecting (killing germs on surfaces to further lower the risk of spreading infection). What may not be so apparent to you is our obsessive approach to sanitizing (making something hygienic to maintain health and prevent diseases by lowering the number of germs, viruses, and bacteria on surfaces or objects to a safe level).

In addition to regular cleaning, our disinfecting and sanitization protocols include:

  1. Deploying DIS.IN.FX solutions, including patented RAZOR antimicrobial coating on all yoga rooms, rental mats, drinking fountains, and all common area surfaces and touch points. We have been in this program for over 10 years, with regular treatment, testing, and earning the “Germ Expert Certified” seal. Find out more at
  2. In all Austin yoga studio rooms, we maintain ducted UV-C sanitizing systems. Hidden in the HVAC ducts for the hot room systems are 4-foot ultraviolet light arrays that kill / disable airborne VOCs, including bacteria, viruses, mold, allergans, and pathogens.
  3. In all studios, we run Medify True Hepa-13 air filters to continuously cleanse the common areas.
  4. Throughout all facilities, we disinfect all surfaces with products containing ammonium chloride or hypochlorous acid several times per day, every single day.
  5. We run ozone generating machines periodically during the day, when the studios are unattended, to further disinfect and sanitize the yoga rooms and common areas.


ll notice that our PURE staff READ MORE: It’s the Simple Things: 3 Proven Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing by Jim Holzknecht