COVID-19 revolutionized the way we practice and teach yoga and fitness

It’s hard to believe that one year has passed since we closed our yoga studio doors with the uncertainty of what lay ahead for our students, teachers, our five studio locations, and the entire fitness industry. We grieve for the greater than half a million lives lost in the U.S. Nearly all of us have been touched with a personal loss.

The pandemic affected each of us differently and asymmetrically. We send our condolences and support to all of you adversely affected by the pandemic, but at the same time congratulate those of you who used the time for change, evolution, and revolution.


The last year made PURE stronger and more resilient as yoga teachers and staff. We saw the opportunity to improve our video and digital content creation skills and introduce new yoga and fitness classes. We had nothing to lose! More importantly, we deepened our trust and faith in each other. Mardy and I applaud our staff for their dedication to practice, determination to succeed, and willingness to serve others.

We are happy to have created a space for you all to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy. The hot yoga rooms, in excess of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, offer a uniquely safe space for exercise. Several studies in 2020 have shown that the coronavirus has a much lower survival rate at high temperatures, along with reduced transmission risks due to evaporative effects on aerosols. In other words, it appears that “science is on our side.”


Looking forward, we are cautiously optimistic about the remainder of 2021. We are grateful that we have vaccines and hopeful that their rollout will thwart the rise in coronavirus variants that are more transmissible and potentially more harmful. We ask for your patience in staying the course while we continue to follow the guidance of health officials regarding proper mask wearing and physical distancing.

We will gradually modify our policies and procedures as we see fit, to keep our facilities as safe as possible and to maintain your confidence in the PURE team. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we see it. Let’s work together!

Each day, we are thrilled to see many of you returning to the studios after long layoffs or many months of home practice. We eagerly welcome new students to our studios to reap the benefits of heated yoga and exercise. You are part of a community of like-minded people, motivated to better themselves physically and mentally, so that they can be better people outside the classroom.

It is exciting to see what is in store for PURE in 2021, including our new 200-hour Power Vinyasa Yoga training starting March 26th, and our plans for an Original Hot Yoga teacher training later this summer. We have added heated Ashtanga yoga, Hot Power Vinyasa yoga, Yoga HIIT Fusion, and are bringing back Inferno Hot Pilates in-studio classes.

Our new Downtown Austin space will be a venue for outdoor classes and special events. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop by for a visit with Mardy and I. We’d love to take you for a tour for what’s in store. CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR NEW DOWNTOWN YOGA HOME!

See you on the yoga mat!

-Mardy and Jeff



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What classes do we offer at our studios? Original Hot Yoga, Heated Ashtanga, Hot Power Vinyasa, Hot Yoga HIIT Fusion, and Inferno Hot Pilates. They’re ALL HOT!

PURE Yoga Texas has brought Original Hot Yoga to Austin, Cedar Park and Dallas in its purest form since 2003, introducing its physical and mental health benefits to over 75,000 people. At our core over the last 20 years is “Original Hot Yoga,” a set sequence of 26-postures (aka Bikram Yoga) that is the foundation for most all hot yoga practices today. Our diligence and commitment to this series enables our teachers to understand each posture as they relate to a wide range of students for unparalleled expertise.

“Original Hot Yoga” has been researched and studied extensively and found to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, diabetes, depression and anxiety, to help lose weight, recover from injuries (back, neck, shoulder, knee), and boost athletic performance. In fact, you’ll see professional athletes practicing side by side with mothers, grandfathers, corporate execs and college students; everyone doing their personal best!

Locally owned and locally loved in Austin, Cedar Park and Dallas, we were voted First Place Yoga Studio in the 2020 Best of the Best Austin American-Statesman and Austin360’s Official Choice Awards. Come in and see how our #PUREcommunity supports one another to feel better each day, each class, each posture, and each breath!