COVID-19 revolutionized the way we practice and teach yoga and fitness

A “home practice” is a concept that many of us have grown (willingly or unwillingly) quite familiar with over the last year!

While your yoga studio offered a chance at peace, community, and even escape; your home practice now attempts to fill those shoes. But can it?

The old saying: “where there is a will, there is a way” comes to mind here.

Here are our tips for achieving a “zen vibe” at home!

What makes a space conducive to a great yoga practice?

Get intentional with your space. You don’t want your “home studio” to be an afterthought 60 seconds before class starts! Find a private (or semi-private) space and consider what you love about your studio space:

Is it very simple, minimal, and clean?

Are there plants, crystals, and singing bowls?

The beauty of your home practice is you can take the best of your studio experience and leave the rest behind- this is your chance to make your space exactly what you need.


What about heat/humidity? If you are used to practicing hot yoga, this may be a stumbling block that feels overwhelming to overcome.

There are options! Hot Yoga Domes, DIY heaters and humidifiers, the outdoors, and even your guest bathroom could fit the bill!

As much as we love getting creative around getting sweaty- please remember that the heat itself does not make a practice. If you need to give up the heat for a space that feels welcoming, comfortable, and conducive to consistency, then we urge you to explore your non-heated practice with curiosity and optimism.

Ah consistency! Our last tip is to do what it takes to find some consistency in your home practice.

We have heard many a student tell us about “giving it a shot at home” and almost immediately decided it wasn’t for them. While we respect that decision, we encourage you to explore your options before writing off a home practice completely.

Space, lighting, music, ambiance, time of day, level of privacy, and your own mindset can greatly impact the experience you have!


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