Testimonial by PURE Yoga North student and PURE teacher Gavin H.

I come from a background of tennis, biking, hiking, and trekking, but for the five years before I tried the Hot 26+2 I had been running. I took my first Hot 26+2 class in October 2013, 10 days before my fortieth birthday while training for ultra-marathons. I had been running heavily for many months, building up a running ‘base’ that progressed from ½ marathons, to marathons, to completing ultra-marathon distances. I initially went to class in hopes of relieving a nagging lower back injury caused by long runs followed by hours of sedentary computer work at my job. Yoga was supposed to be a temporary supplemental activity to relieve the pain so that I could return to running, but yoga quickly became a passion of its own.

From the beginning I was impressed by the logic of the Original Hot Yoga system and how it transformed my body from a stiff, thin runner to a much more balanced athlete. I was also amazed at the improvements I realized in overall endurance and mood. During my practice I have experienced numerous benefits which I directly credit to the Hot 26+2. Here’s a few:

    • I have not feel any shoulder tension or pain in over a year. I rarely have severe shoulder pain, but like many people I carry stress in my shoulders. With the Original Hot Yoga, this stress and pain has simply been eliminated
    • For whatever reason, I have not been sick since starting this practice
    • Yoga improves my ability to recognize, label, and compartmentalize pain. As a result I perform better and am able to push harder without injury. The increased strength and flexibility Yoga provides further reduces my risk of injury. I am a safer athlete because of hot yoga
    • Yoga encourages my running technique to be much more controlled and efficient due to improved balance from the standing postures, improved breathing, and increased strength. I am also able to attack downhills much harder because of the extra leg strength gained from “locking my knee, locking my knee, locking my knee”.
    • Yoga induces a nice rush of “happy chemicals” making me a better person to be around for my family and co-workers.
    • My core is strengthening, improving all aspects of my life.
    • My ‘at rest’ standing and sitting postures are dramatically improved.
    • I look healthier (or so says my wife).
    • I am constantly inspired by the other yogis in class.
    • Backward bending, which I never did before, feels incredibly good.
    • The Original Hot Yoga is a fantastic ultra-marathon recovery activity.
    • My back pain is gone.

After my first class I instantly became a regular student, completing my 100th class in July and 200th class the following December, while continuing a steady running regimen. I also added asanas from this practice to my home workout and running sessions and practiced pranayama and yogic breathing throughout the day. I can honestly say that the results have been transformative.

I am so grateful to all my teachers at PURE, to Jeff and Mardy for their excellence and for making hot yoga so accessible in Austin. Thanks!!

Original source: https://pureyogatexas.com/be-inspired/ultramarathon-runners-original-hot-yoga/