Congressional Yoga Day on Capitol Hill

PURE Action has been working hard to bring the science of yoga to mainstream medicine through our Yoga Research Conferences and YogaTALK forums, where our message is to “Get Informed and Be Inspired” to continue or take up a regular practice of yoga.

Our work over the last eight years with Dr. Stacy Hunter’s lead in research and education, Lindsey Stanley’s development efforts, and Tedd Li’s and Stephanie Jain’s Community Programs have brought us to a point where we are recognized as a thought leader in the “Yoga Is Medicine” movement. We are also honored to have Jeanne Heaton from Athens, GA and Monica LeBansky from Austin, TX as two of our National Ambassadors promoting yoga for recovery from addictions.

On April 30th, we will be at “Congressional Yoga Day on Capitol Hill” with Petra Starke, founder of SweatNGlow (click to find out more), and the Love Button Global Movement, to participate in a panel discussion on our “Yoga Is Medicine” research. Petra Starke stated, “Love Button’s message, and in particular, its work through its Integrative Medicine Research and Outreach program, is perfectly aligned with SweatNGlow’s commitment to supporting overall patient wellness and healing. Exercising in elevated temperatures has many benefits including Medication Assisted Therapy for types 1 and 2 diabetes, well-being for cancer patients, and treatment of opioid use disorders, among other benefits. There is no coincidence that we launched SweatNGlow in Washington, DC just one day before Love Button announced its program.”

Mardy and Jeff will help Petra lead some of our Nation’s legislators and their staff through an inspiring one hour yoga experience, including Tim Ryan, a congressman from Ohio who just announced his 2020 Presidential bid. Mr. Ryan has been called the “Yoga Candidate” and practices hot power yoga! In his 2012 book, “A Mindful Nation,” Ryan advocates teaching mindfulness in schools and has sponsored deep-breathing and meditation programs in his district for veterans suffering from PTSD. “I recognized its potential to help transform core institutions in America—schools, hospitals, the military, and social services,” Ryan wrote.

We know that yoga is great for physical health, but just as important for the community-building aspects of group practice that benefit those with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse. Stay tuned as PURE Action and PURE Yoga Texas focuses our efforts this year on these important social issues and how #YogaIsMedicine.

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