So, I’ve been thinking about traveling a lot lately.

Travel, remember THAT?

I’ve been ‘home’ in Austin since mid-February. I’m not supposed to be here right now; this “thing’ that we’re going through (TOGETHER!) has forced me to cancel a few trips. 

My suitcases are clean and packed away in their protective bags; I finally got myself really good, ‘grown-up’ suitcases, and I love them. The company (that I also LOVE for their EPIC customer service) promised that they will last me a lifetime, and I plan to hold them to that promise.

In lieu of actually traveling, I’ve been sorting photos and reflecting upon a few of my favorite trips.

Worth acknowledging that I’m lucky enough to have found someone that shares my love of the unknown that isn’t a yoga teacher- so YAY, we get to go places…

Hi there!

Anyways, while scrolling (through photos, remember?), I remembered this hilarious epiphany that I had.

Picture it: we’re in Japan, Sapporo, to be precise. We’ve spent the previous 24 hours traveling from Tokyo to Hokkaido by cab, subway, Hayabusa Bullet train, rural slow train, bus, another cab, and a bunch of walking, respectively.

We woke early and headed to the place that the interwebs told me was best for coffee (when in Rome, I KNOW, but we were headed to a Ryokan and needed our last western caffeine fix though)…

We followed caffeination and a light breakfast with an epic 4-mile meander through the city to find the Sapporo Brewery (YES THAT SAPPORO!). It’s hot. My other is not necessarily pleased with me, because I ALWAYS manage to make him walk more than he wants to…

Fast-forward through the grumping, and we’re enjoying the fruits of our efforts. A delicious icy beverage straight from the source. 

Watching people. 

Doing the things one does in a place.

When the time comes to leave, I take out my phone to figure out:

1. where the heck we actually are and 2. where the heck we’re going next (for lunch) and 3. how the heck we’re going to get there…

And then- it hits me: 

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO TRAVEL (or at least don’t see the attraction)! 
It’s basically doing the SAME things we do at home, taking care of our BASIC needs: sleep, eat, entertain ourselves, but without the comforts of home!

SO, unless it’s some epic beach vacation, WHY BOTHER!!?!?!?

It’s expensive.

It’s inconvenient. 

It’s foreign.

It can be scary.

T’was truly an “AHA” Moment.

My ‘aha’ moment, thanks Oprah!

For the sake of transparency; we spent the rest of the afternoon tracking down THE BEST Jingisukan (Mongolian BBQ, one of Hokkaido’s most famous dishes). I “GOT” it, but I don’t GET IT if you catch my drift.

Thank you for the tip, Saint Bourdain. I miss you, thank you for enriching my travel world and showing me where all the best food-stuffs are…



Where on earth am I going with all of this?

When we love to stay at home and be comfortable, WHY NOT truly embrace this ‘extra‘ time at home that we’re experiencing right now?

We are not sheltering in place, We’re all having an epic STAYCATION!

So, to help you to host your very own EPIC Staycation, I’ll turn to our friend Abraham Maslow and his ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ to do this thing right. 

Because we might as well make the best of this ‘unique’ situation.

How to Host Your Own EPIC Staycation: A Guide

 1. First, let’s get our basic physiological needs taken care of: 

GO TO THE GROCERY. Stand in the lines.

Wear your mask. Your gloves. Bring your sanitizer. Trader Joe’s is winning right now in the realm of pleasant shopping experiences. TRUST ME.

Get all the things you want. Do not diet. Treat yourself.

You need the comforts right now and can do an extra IHP class later.

Now that that’s done- and your horde (DO NOT horde, this is stress-inducing in itself! T’is just an expression) is unpacked:

2. We address our basic safety needs: 

 STOP WATCHING THE NEWS, or LIMIT your sources and your time spent. Anything Cuomo or Fauci are winners.

Know that you are safe in your own home.

Wear the mask.

Limit your shopping trips.

Use the sanitizer.

You are okay. 

3. Are you at home with someone?


Your basic belongingness and LOVE needs are no joke.

Have a gander at this: Hugs can make you happier!

IF you’re having your epic staycation solo- then, MAKE DATES! 

 4. Next on Maslow’s list: We’ve got to manage our self-esteem and make ourselves feel accomplished! 

Does that mean getting out of bed and taking a shower DAILY? Then, GREAT! Or do we need some more significant structure:

SET YOUR alarm!

Get up with us and get on your mat for some sun salutes and exercises at 7am! I’ve been doing this with Pure, and I feel great!

Maslow would approve. 

 5. Lastly, Maslow knows the value of self-fulfillment. 

This can sometimes be looked at as more frivolous stuff or creative pursuits.

Is it time to craft?

Have you been meaning to finish that weaving project that you started in that class 18 months ago (ahem- I’m getting there!).

Do you want to join the baking train?

Hello Easy Tigers’ Breadwinners group!

Do you want to start a blog (more aheming)?

THEN DO IT (You just might have the time)! 

Okay, so now what?

Our basic needs are met.

  • We’re fed.
  • We’re safe.
  • We’re healthy.
  • We’re LOVED.
  • We’re yoga’d.
  • We can bake.

Maslow approves.

So, here’s the punchline:

How LUCKY are we to find ALL OF THIS within our very own homes?! We already have everything that we need!  

Who knows, when this thing finishes, I may decide to save some $$, plan an annual staycation, and take the time to reflect on my blessed life.

Y’all stay safe.

Come to class.  

Maslow said so.