The Essential Guide to Yoga

“The Essential Guide to Yoga” interviewed Jeff Chen, co-owner of PURE Yoga Texas, about the future of hot yoga and how it is here to stay, based on the unparalleled benefits you receive from a 105 degree Original Hot Yoga experience, especially for mental health. Did you ever wonder why you feel so good at the end of a class?

…The “magic” in the Bikram-style Hot Yoga, where the rooms are heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity, is the temperature. “In that heat, students’ internal body temperature rises to 101°F or 101.5°F,” says Chen. That is supposed to trigger various biochemical pathways, including a cooling response and the release of serotonin. The combination leads to a sense of euphoria, he says. (Your internal body heat peaks 50 to 55 minutes into class, which is about when you transition to the floor, so the risk of overheating goes down.) Besides the temperature, the Bikram style has traditionally been very consistent in terms of the practice. Students know what to expect wherever they practice, and it is easy to gauge the progress. A Bikram class typically begins and ends with a breathing exercise (calming at the beginning; energizing at the end), and includes 26 standing and seated poses, which are always in the same order. You hold the asanas, instead of flowing through them…

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