Inferno Hot Pilates for Bone Health?

Pilot research over the last decade shows how yoga can help those at risk for osteoporosis. At PURE, we have heard numerous testimonials from students whose doctors have been amazed at the reversal from osteoporosis to osteopenia (a less severe condition), and overall gains in mineral bone density in the spine and hips. One of the first studies published in 2010 found that long-term female practitioners of Hot Yoga had an overall higher level of Bone Mineral Density (BMD).

Spend more time on the internet and you’ll find articles in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and Harvard Health as to the benefit of yoga on BMD. Often you see postures such as twists for the spine, locust pose for the back and hips, chair (awkward) and triangle postures for the hips and legs, and tree pose for balance and strengthening the hip joint. Another popular posture you’ll see is the bridge, great for leg, hip and back strength. It also happens to be the signature opening of every Inferno Hot Pilates class!

Our amazing PURE Cedar Park student Debbie M., at the age of 69, has totally shocked her doctor with a 17 percent increase in Bone Mineral Density over the last seven months since she started practicing Inferno Hot Pilates 2 to 3 times per week. She has gone from osteoporosis to osteopenia in that short time period, and overall feels much healthier and fit mixing IHP in with her Hot Yoga practice.

Is it the Inferno burpees, mountain-climbers, bridges, or all of the above? Is it the motivating music and the tabata-style of no-impact, high-intensity interval training that pushes your boundaries? Is it because the heated room increases circulation to help deliver nutrients to the bones and muscle tissues? Come see and experience it for yourself, and give a high five to Debbie when you see her!

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