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I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2000 and really, that's the end of the story. But not really; it was actually the beginning of the story. I fell in love with this yoga immediately. I love everything about it. I love the challenge and the mental clarity it gives me, but mostly I love the feeling I have after taking class. It didn't take me very long to make the life changing decision to teach. I went to teacher training in the fall of 2001. I teach because I enjoy watching this yoga magic happen on a daily basis. I want everyone to get a chance to experience this yoga, so one of my true passions is teaching at a camp for underprivileged kids. It's so fun to see how this yoga works in their lives.

I've been married for 12 years to the greatest guy. My husband, Chris, makes life an adventure for our two wonderful kids, Mackey and Samira, & me.


I discovered yoga about the same time as I was becoming a new hairstylist. Intuitively, I knew that taking care of my body would be integral to my longevity "behind the chair." My yoga journey began to grow when I moved to Austin in '06. I found a heated vinyasa practice that really got me hooked on the heat, however, my practice started to wane due to injuries and feeling unconnected in the classes I was attending. Luckily, one of my clients recommended Pure Yoga Texas and it was exactly what I needed. I went to my 1st Bikram class in 2018 and never left. Finally, I found my tribe with a strong sense of community and education. In 2020 the opportunity came to attend a teacher training with Albina and Roger Rippy. The intention was to deepen my own practice, but after going through their "Journey Into Power" I realized there was another piece. I could share my yoga and help others, which at my core is what I vibrate with.
Currently, I teach Hot Power Vinyasa. My love of the original hot 26&2, along with Ashtanga, can be felt through my classes. I enjoy the balance of the heat, alignment and breath while building strength along the way. I'm delving deeper into yoga's sister science of Ayurveda and look forward to learning more about yin yoga. I'm about to celebrate 24yrs of being a hairstylist and am grateful that yoga found me.  One of my favorite quotes~ The person who masters the garden is the one who waters it--it's not a burden, it's a necessity. Are you pulling weeds and planting seeds?
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Ash started practicing Bikram yoga with Mardy Chen in WESTLAKE in 2006-2007. She quickly fell in love with the practice. In 2009 she received her Certification from Bikram in Palm Springs, California.
Ash loves teaching the 26.2 because she believes strongly in its healing benefits not only for your body, but for your mind and overall health and wellness.
Ash traveled and taught overseas from 2011-2013, and in 2015 opened her own studio in Buda, TX - Willow Gardens.
When she became a mother, the page was turned and she devoted her time and energy to her new baby boy. Ash is so excited to be back on the mat practicing and teaching this incredible yoga where it all started several years ago.

“ it’s never too late to start from scratch once again- “


My first Bikram Method experience was 25 years ago. For me, it was love at first sweat! I was having some lower back pain and within a couple of weeks it was gone, I was hooked and I knew I wanted to be a teacher. The journey was a long one, but I am so proud and grateful it led me to Pure Yoga Institute’s Teacher Training (Summer 2017).

Bikram Yoga has saved my life time and time again. The mental and physical strength required during class fuels self-confidence and self-love outside of the hot room as well. As a person in recovery from addiction and depression, I have found it vital to my self- care.

As a teacher it is my ambition to share and give back what this yoga has given me. Here’s to another 25 years of sweating and smiling!

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You probably first met Autumn practicing next to you in your 26&2 classes! A true regular around the Cedar Park studio, Autumn's dedication and consistency can be felt through her presence and practice. Last year, Autumn attended our Journey into Power Hot Vinyasa teacher training with Roger and Albina Rippy and found a new joy in a different style of Yoga and teaching. You can now find Autumn "on the podium" at our studios! In her personal life, Autumn is a loving mom of 2.


Beth found the Hot 26/2 in 2001 & knew instantaneously she found the most amazing life tool when she randomly stepped onto the mat and took her first class while on a vacation trip.
In 2018 she redirected her energies to a career in yoga and obtained a 200 Hour Teaching Certificate then the 500 Hour Teaching Certification in 2019.
I love seeing the tremendous impact the yoga has on students and reading and exploring all the benefits of yoga. The physical and mental benefits are amazing!
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Ever since I was a track athlete in high school I have always had a passion for fitness. In 2006 I joined the Army and was assigned to a Psychological Operations Unit. Completed one tour in Iraq and several duty stations across the globe. After serving for 6 years transitioning from enlisted to civilian life was hard and I ended up fighting a battle with addiction that led me to treatment in 2016. That's when I found yoga at PURE YOGA TEXAS.

I thought I would use yoga as a mobility practice to help me with other endeavors like ultra running and endurance challenges. Little did I know I had stumbled upon a whole universe of possibilities! One day the planets aligned and I saw an ad on Pure Yoga Texas' website for Hot Power Vinyasa Teacher Training. I signed up, and it was the best decision I have ever made.
There is no better feeling than seeing students light up when you bring your all to class and then getting to join them side by side as peers when I am taking another class myself.


Brooke grew up outside of Chicago, IL, where she had a very active youth dancing ballet and running long distance, which took its toll on her body. In 2012 she took her first Yoga class and her life was forever changed. Yoga healed her Achilles tendinitis and an injury to her MCL and meniscus, all the while improving countless aspects of her life. Brooke has been a dedicated practitioner since 2012 and completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Acapulco, Mexico in Spring 2017. She taught full-time in NYC for a year, and is now a full-time traveling teacher visiting the Pure Yoga Texas studios for 4 months! She has taught in New York City, Illinois, Florida, Nice, France, and Vienna, Austria and cannot wait to share her yoga love with Austin, TX!

Favorite Quote:
"You're never too old, never too bad, never too late, and never too sick to start from scratch once again." - Bikram Choudhury

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My name is Carolina and you are probably used to seeing me greet you everyday behind the desk. I am also an Inferno Hot Pilates instructor and now an expert in YogaHIIT, a personal favorite. Fun fact, I live for singing and dancing! My passion recently took a full spin towards fitness. It has been my lifeline for over a year now and I just love anything challenging that pushes my limits and makes me feel accomplished and satisfied for the day, whether it's hiking with my dog, trying out new workouts on youtube.. working out for fun helps to keep me focused. In November 2019, I decided to change my lifestyle and went to Vegas to train for Inferno Hot Pilates! I absolutely enjoy the motivation and intensity it brings. It's a service to help others reach their goals and stay motivated to be the best versions of themselves.

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Christopher likes it hot — when referring to both his roasted jalapeño salsa and his yoga. After teaching the Bikram series for twelve years in New York City, he relocated to Austin in 2018 seeking better tacos and better yoga. And he certainly found what he was looking for with PURE Yoga Texas. (*tacos not available at PURE Yoga Texas)
Come to Christopher's class if you're looking for teaching methods steeped in anatomical precision. He is a master at establishing a genuine connection with every single person in the room.
On his eternal pursuit of knowledge, he completed massage school in both the United States and in Thailand. When he's not busy working closely with Gil Hedley in his Somanautics Workshops and Leslie Kaminoff with Yoga Anatomy Seminars, he's teaching yoga, seeing massage clients, and teaching his very own anatomy course. He also somehow makes some time to eat tacos. He moved his private massage practice from New York City to Austin in 2018 and hasn't looked back since! His offerings are rooted in deep knowledge, insight, and skill.


The benefits I received from Bikram Yoga changed my life. Upon completion of my first 60-day challenge, I was happier and healthier; had improved nutritional habits; and a totally new outlook on life.

After 19 years of working in the insurance industry, I realized I needed to eliminate the stress of that job and decided it was time for a positive change.

It was in my fifth year of practicing Bikram Yoga that I knew my destiny was to become an instructor. Once I made the decision to teach, I had peace of mind and I was certain that it was the right choice for my life. I attended the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2015 in Thailand.

Each time that I teach, the true joy and satisfaction comes in knowing that I’m helping people improve their physical and emotional health.

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Cindy attended her first class at Bikram Yoga Dallas in September of 2014. After just this initial class, she was outright hooked! She immediately signed up for a membership without thinking twice about it because she knew she would forever be practicing this yoga. Cindy noticed how everything about herself, and her life began to change-- she noticed improved mental clarity, she gained faith in herself, she learned discipline and focus, she sensed a deeper peace in her life, her skin was glowing, and she literally felt like she was radiating from the inside out. In 2017 Cindy attended Pure Yoga Institute's 9-week Teacher Training. As an instructor, Cindy is inspired by her students; discipline, their commitment to this practice, to themselves, and their astonishing transformations. It’s an honor to be able to share this practice with others on a daily basis and to witness yogis on their journeys. “In life, you only have to travel 6 inches. That is the distance from your mind to your heart.”


I'm upbeat and always encourage my students to be strong in their practice, but at the same time to feel safe. Students can expect a challenging and intense experience. All that I ask is that they do their best. I believe this form of yoga consistently changes to our bodies in a positive way.

I have been practicing hot yoga for more than 10 years. My favorite posture is Balancing Stick
(Tuladandasana). I am the proud mother of four and grandmother to Ace. As a dog lover, I foster dogs and encourage everyone to adopt from shelters. When I'm not at the studio, I love to go dancing, bike riding, and having fun with my family.

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Erin began practicing Bikram yoga in 2005 & began teaching it in 2011. It is not only a part of her health & well-being, much like taking a daily vitamin, but a place where she can explore fundamental aspects of humanity. She feels at home on her yoga mat and part of a vibrant community at the studio.

(She also has the best and most informative jokes in town, if you know you know!)

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Catch Gavin before the sun rises! Known for his kind smile, love of Geology, and uncanny ability to run miles and miles, Gavin may be a teacher you recognize from years ago. His dedication to the practice, upholding the traditions of the 26 & 2 sequence, and endearing personality will keep you coming back for more.

Elected Valedictorian of his Yoga Teacher Training class, Gavin has a ton to offer from the podium!


After my first Bikram Yoga class in New York City in April 2000, I found immediate relief from a nagging ankle injury from the 1999 NYC Marathon (my only race!). I found the physical intensity and emphasis on self-discipline and concentration resonated with my martial arts practice (Kendo, the Japanese "way of the sword"). My aches and pains whittled away and my mental clarity and focus outside the yoga room improved. After 19 years of working in the NYC financial industry, I became a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher in 2008 and joined Mardy in spreading the Original Hot Yoga throughout Texas.

I am fascinated with the health benefits of the "Original Hot Yoga" and all of it's offshoots / variations. I participated in yoga championships, yoga research, and regular advanced yoga asana practice. Mardy and I traveled to Calcutta to study yoga therapy at the Ghosh Yoga College of India. I am fascinated with other systems / styles of yoga. I studied hot power vinyasa yoga with Roger and Albina Rippy and completed two Ashtanga Primary Series Teacher Trainings with David Swenson.

Above all, I am inspired by student testimonials we hear on a daily basis. I love the yoga community. Musicians, artists, athletes, moms and dads, students and seniors, high techs and corporate execs—all stand side-by-side in class—improving their daily lives through yoga practice. Seeing every smiling, happy face leave our studios energizes me and is my constant source of inspiration.

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Jen is a student and teacher of alignment based yoga asana, rooted within the traditions of the Iyengar teachings. She holds E-RYT 500 certification and has more than 10,000 hours teaching experience. She has taught numerous workshops and trainings and leads her own 200hr teacher training and an annual retreat in Kathmandu Nepal.
Jen’s classes are challenging and joyful. As a teacher, she wants her students to feel enriched and empowered, supported and cared for. Her aim is for them to experience and explore the balance between the rigorous strength and precision of the alignment-based practice and the expansive freedom found within it.
Jen believes wholeheartedly that yoga is a transformational healing modality with enormous potential for everyone, and it is her goal to share this love, passion and understanding with all her students.

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John S.

Coming to us from New York City, John Sanchez is an absolute delight to learn from and have as a part of the Pure community!

Teaching both the Original Hot Yoga (26&2) and Inferno Hot Pilates, John can soothe you with his melodic style or fire you up with his vast knowledge of the body and both modalities!

Come take his class and see what all of the fuss is about!

John S.

John Schoggins is the 2016-17 International Yoga Sports Federation champion, as well as the 2015 and 2016 United States Yoga Champion. He began practicing Vinyasa Yoga in 2007, and has been studying Bikram Yoga series since 2010. He has trained extensively with senior teacher Mary Jarvis. In his professional life, John is an academic research scientist specializing in the study of viruses. His curiosity about the natural world has also helped in the yoga room, where he strives to break down each posture and focus on refinement.

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Hi! My name is Joslin. I had the fortunate luck of joining a friend at the now Pure Yoga for the traditional 90 minute 26/2 class back in the spring of 2010. I'm a full fledged, west coast girl whose heart thrives in the outdoors with the shining sun and a cool breeze on my face. My happy place has always been hiking in the mountains or anywhere on the water - but I fell in love with the hot room that day. The challenge of every class, the subtle and hard won depth within each posture has been a saving grace both mentally and physically. I am someone who is committed to the full spectrum of healthfulness and mindfulness.  After taking a break to rehabilitate from major surgery, I experienced severe deficits in my strength and flexibility. At the guidance of an instructor, I branched out and tried IHP and YogaHIIT.  I found both balance and endurance to complement my personal yoga practice for the better. The impact from both classes was immediate and rewarding! I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it so much so that I was encouraged to go to training and here I am, grateful and excited for the opportunity.  I am still a student and experiencing continual growth with every class. I endeavor to create a space that is welcoming and inclusive to all, engaging and enthusiastic. The joy of leading a class is a privilege and truly a labor of love. I invite everyone to join me and invest in themselves as I expand my personal journey of lifelong wellness.

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RYT500 yoga teacher Julie Munkholm Bruun found her way to yoga in 2011. She quickly realized how the wonderful benefits from the practice began to affect her daily life and started dreaming about becoming a yoga teacher. During 2015 and 2016 she completed her 200 hour teacher training with level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher Tanja Sofie Schøndorff in Denmark, Europe.

Julie continued her studies in yoga at YogaSource Los Gatos in California where she obtained her 300 hour certificate in Gentle, Yin,
Vinyasa and Power yoga. Julie has mentored with both Linda Schlamadinger Mcgrath and Cindy Walker, and studied under Matthew Remski, Roger Cole, Ann Weissmann, Jennifer Jones Schroeder, Angela Majic, Erin Matteuci, Hanne Juelsgaard Sørensen, Mai Nichol and Simon Troels Krohn.

In October 2021, Julie completed the 40 hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training with David Swenson at PURE yoga in Austin, Texas.

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I stay active, whether its skiing, playing tennis, or running  – I love it all. I tried an Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) class in 2019 and never looked back. After my first class in the heated studio, I made IHP and Bikram part of my routine and now I can’t live without them. Within weeks of my practice, I saw improvements in my health and mood. I’m mostly grateful that these practices instilled a sense of self-autonomy: I feel empowered to make the changes I wish to see in my life. I strive to inspire my students in a similar way.
Apart from teaching IHP, I’m working on a masters in clinical mental health from SMU. If I’m not studying or playing tennis, I’m reading on the sofa my English bulldog, Wilson, and German shepherd, Sofia.


Hi Yogis!
My name is Kristel Sans and I am PURIST, lifelong learner of the yoga practice on and off the mat. I enjoy traveling around the world, hiking, biking, swimming, Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), and everything outdoors in the sunshine. I was raised in Houston, but Austin is my home. I reside in my south Austin home with my partner and my beautiful Golden Retriever. I am an advocate of the healing powers of yoga and especially Bikram Yoga. I took my first Bikram yoga class in 2018 and immediately felt the emotional, physical, and psychological transformation from the inside out. For that reason, I decided to enroll in my Yoga Teacher Training in the summer of 2021 and learn the foundations of yoga. Now I am currently studying the Bikram series. I believe that moving the body is the best way to release stagnant energy that no longer serves the body, releases waste, and makes room for the new. Music, dancing, outdoors, and YOGA are many ways I practice being in the here and now.
"Let's Go Outside Our Minds and Play!"
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Kristin went to her first Bikram yoga class on a (hot) date and immediately fell in love with the practice.

Prior to joining the Pure staff, Kristin taught in Tampa, Buffalo, Brooklyn and the DC Metro area. She strives to give every student a positive, supportive environment to discover themselves through the 26 and 2.


Laine took her first 26 and 2 hot yoga class in 2010 during her first bout of depression after she graduated college. The mental and physical therapeutic benefits created a monumental shift in her life which propelled her into yogic studies. She completed her first 500 hour certification in 2011 and has taught, and continued to study under her amazing teachers from all over the world ever since. She hopes to empower people through the yoga postures, sharing them as the powerful healing tools that they are.

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Lauren stepped into the hot room 6 years ago and immediately felt the mental and physical benefits of movement in a heated space. In search of a yoga practice compliment (and other ways to keep warm in Chicago), she tried Inferno Hot Pilates and became hooked from the stronger muscle and cardio results. Currently, Lauren loves sharing IHP with other yogis alike and anyone looking for a fun, high-energy and challenging class.

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Born and raised in the South of France, I first came to the United States on a three-months tourist visa. I trained for 9 weeks with Bikram Choudhry and became a Certified Bikram Yoga instructor in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2012.
Immediately, I fell in love with this country and its endless opportunities for growth. I moved permanently to the United States in 2013, and started teaching Bikram Yoga full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area. Concurrently, I decided to go back to school where I found interested in nursing and public health. After getting a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from The University of Texas Health Science Center, I started nursing school at the University of Texas at Austin. I became a Registered Nurse in June 2021, and am currently working at St David’s Medical Center in Austin, as a RN in the cardiac rehab unit where I also take care of amputees and post-operative patients. Nursing and teaching yoga have the same meaning to me. “Turn your passion into action” they say.


Lindsay Walker is a California native gone native Austinite. She became certified through Journey into Power yoga teacher training led by Roger and Albina Rippy. A veteran to varied forms of yoga practice, the Hot Room is her happy place. She is passionate about equipping people to be the engineers of their own healing. She has many passions, including all things NINJA! Which translates to any movement practice with an element of danger. Parkour, Aerial Arts, Stunts, Martial Arts, Contortion... all movement forms that are enhanced by regular yoga practice.
When Lindsay is not moving, she’s singing, playing music, acting or momming. A mother of 3, her “day job” is as a background singer for an iconic recording artist. Being on the road is also an opportunity to learn yoga from studios all over the country and is one of the benefits of tour life. Yet, she is always thrilled to come home to Austin, and is overjoyed to be a part of the Pure Austin Yoga team. And ingratiated to Jeff and Mardy for their vision and community! AHO!

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Mardy has been practicing Hot Yoga since 1998 and received her certification from Bikram Yoga College of India in the Spring of 2002. She opened our original Westlake (Davenport) location in 2003.

Mardy is dedicated to bringing the original “Hot Yoga” to Austin in its purest form. The greatest reward of being a studio owner is witnessing the startling transformations in beginning students and helping them motivate themselves to develop long-term yoga practices to reap and maintain the health benefits of this unique system of hatha yoga.

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Megan F.

Megan Fine's passion for yoga stems from a deep relationship with human connection. Having a kinesiology as well as a nursing degree, her study has turned into a dedication to helping people increase awareness in their bodies. Fairly new to teaching, she started her dedicated yoga teacher journey a year and a half ago while falling in love with the lifestyle. Diving deep into meditation and yoga to heal old patterns and past shame around addiction. So far she has completed 200hr ytt, 2 meditation teacher trainings, and is currently finishing her 300hr ytt as well as 1 & 2 Reiki certification. She asipres to continue exploring spiritual, physical and emotional leadership. In her free time she enjoys co-creating with the community by taking photos of people in their passions with her company Free Flow Fotography and hostessing retreats domestically/internationally. She loves to spend time with her Fiancée and dogs in nature and day dreaming about traveling together.

Megan W.

I first found Bikram Yoga in 2006 while working next door to a studio in San Antonio. My mind was blown after my first class, and by my third I was hooked. Yoga has carried me though life’s ups and downs offering a caring community and grace. The never-ending opportunity to exercise my curiosity keeps me coming back.

I took the plunge and signed up for teacher training in 2021 after my work had gone full remote due to COVID. Despite all the life-changing challenges COVID presented, the encouragement to follow a dream I’ve had for over a decade was a true gift. I completed teacher training in May of 2022 in Mexico and will cherish memories from that time forever.

I invite my students to move their bodies and quiet their minds. Together we will shed ourselves again and again, bringing us closer to our true nature and all that is most important in life.

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Monica L.

Certified Fall 2015 in Thailand: I was introduced to Bikram yoga in an unlikely place, the gym of a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. At the time I was unsure what this "yoga" had to do with anything, especially coming from a very downtrodden and pessimistic place physically, mentally and spiritually. After a few months at the center I began to see small benefits from the yoga, but it was not until I utilized the hot room after graduating that I realized the extent and power of this practice.
A few years down the road and this practice is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of my life. After diving headfirst into my own practice, I soon knew that teaching yoga is how I wanted to spend my life. If I can be a vessel for empowering even one person to change their life through this practice and to experience the challenge, clarity and grace it offers, then this journey has all been a complete success.
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Monica O.

I started practicing in Santiago de Chile in 2008. I moved to Buenos Aires to continue my practice and was there the first day Jay and Carla opened Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires in August of 2009. Since then, I’ve never stopped!

I went to teacher training in Spring of 2011 because I wanted to dedicate my life to what was making me so happy. Since my first Bikram Yoga class, I fell in love with this practice. I start practicing everyday: I trusted in my teachers, I was very disciplined, and I worked very hard in class. I started to see improvements so fast and my body was changing as well. After class I felt great, I gained confidence, I was completely fulfilled and happy. Finding Bikram Yoga was like finding where I belong. It changed my life and when I am teaching I hope to open the possibility of change, wellness and happiness for somebody else.


I started practicing Bikram Yoga in September 2012 in Danbury, Connecticut. As a massage therapist, I knew how essential it is to maintain your body. I was looking for something to prevent injuries and provide longevity in my career. I immediately fell in love with the heat and the healing of this yoga. I took a leap of faith and attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2015 in Thailand and have loved teaching ever since. I find great joy in working with students with injuries and ailments and providing space for this yoga to work its magic!

Over the past 10 years as I have practiced through digestive issues, chronic fatigue, depression, back pain, trauma, pregnancy, and much more, I have learned that the body and mind are deeply intertwined. I believe Bikram Yoga is a beautiful place to explore that connection and become a happier, healthier, more kind, more nourished, whole version of yourself.

Nora P.

I was easily talked into my first Bikram class in 2007 in the Bay Area California. I had recently turned 21 and had been indulging in all the freedom that came with being a full-blown “adult.” My self-esteem was shot and partying was on the rise. I didn’t love or hate my first Bikram class, but something brought me back the next day. It seemed to help put a smile on my face and so I continued to go. A year and a half into my practice I signed up to become a Bikram yoga teacher. It wasn’t until I was attending training that I really felt my body and mind begin to shift to a place I thought was not possible for me. I continue to improve spines not only in Austin, but all over the world.

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Raj took her first hot yoga class in 2015 and became a teacher by 2017. She stumbled upon the yoga after receiving advice from a doctor that it would help with pain management from old injuries. Outside of the physical relief, she’s gained more mental clarity and peace throughout her life.

She is a graduate of the Raja Yoga Academy (Spring 2017) and is certified in Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa yoga.
Prior to teaching yoga, Raj was a middle/high school educator for over 10 years and now loves sharing the therapeutic benefits of the 26 and 2 series.



Certified Spring 2009 in Palm Springs: Every day I count myself lucky to have discovered the world's greatest health restoration system, aka Bikram Yoga. I took my first class in 2008 at the recommendation of a co-worker, and have since then, like all of us yogis, discovered an endless wealth of mental and physical benefits. This yoga truly is medicine, powerful medicine, that can be trusted and relied upon in any instance of pain, sickness, or injury. A consistent practice has given me a means of coping with loss and grief, as well as a general calmness, slowness, and quietness of my entire self.

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Teaching yoga at PURE has been a dream in the making for many years now and I am thrilled to say that I am here! As an accomplished ballet and modern dancer, I have always kept a steady yoga practice to maintain my overall health, longevity and spirituality. Life threw me a giant curveball during my ballet career and I moved from NYC to Austin to receive treatment for addiction. It was here that my eyes were opened to the larger healing power of yoga, and it was then that I found PURE. I began to implement the teachings and practices of yoga into everything I did, and my life became infinitely more magical than I could have ever dreamed up!
Health and sobriety have helped me achieve my dreams of helping others to rise up their fullest potential as well. This is all I ever want to do- to show others that anything is possible. Until spring 2020 I had been working in the arts, choreographing dance and musical theatre. I have also been a licensed medical massage therapist since 2005, as I love the study of human anatomy and healing (I thought I’d surely become a doctor! Not for this dancer though…) Needless to say, it seemed the dream of also becoming a yoga teacher may need to wait.
Suddenly when the world changed seemingly overnight, so did the focus of my life. I grasped a moment in time and decided to take a chance. I have found a new home in my soul delivering the power of yoga to others. Thank you all, I am grateful to be in your presence.


Teddy became a certified yoga instructor in 2011 after seeing years of prescription drug abuse and chronic pain from poor ergonomics fade after just two months of daily yoga. He also experienced yoga's mental and emotional benefits of improved patience, concentration, grit, and calmness. His solemn promise to help people became the driving force to put intentions into action, serving as the community director for Pure Action, a non-profit yoga research and community organization. Teddy taught weekly classes at drug and alcohol recovery centers, county jails, and local community health clinics. Experience a class rich with information both on the physical and mental level drawing from life experiences and research studies with universities from all over the country! Regret Nothing. Change Everything.

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I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2000 in Dallas. At that time I owned and operated a natural healing practice, in which I helped people with pain management, injury recovery and overall body and health maintenance. I’m certified in a variety of healing modalities and have a vast working knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I am also a licensed medical esthetician. I had a heavy work-load at that time and it took a toll on my body both physically and energetically. The yoga became a huge part of my self-care regimen. The more I practiced the more I discovered it’s profound healing capabilities. I went to teacher training because I saw the 26 and 2 as another modality I could have in my wheelhouse. The deeper my understanding became of this series, the deeper my own healing became - in every way - hence, the more effective my work with my clients became. My relationship with this yoga has been a love story ever since and has only grown deeper with every year.
I recently returned back to Texas after living in Santa Fe for 6 years. I retired my healing practice several years ago but still practice esthetics. I hold an art degree from North Texas
State so being in Santa Fe inspired me to go back to my old roots and paint again. Now, making art and teaching yoga is my joy. I am in a state of gratefulness for this new chapter in my life and look forward to what’s next for me.

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I fell in love with Bikram Yoga from my very 1st class in 2002, in Hyannis Massachusetts. Having been a dancer throughout my childhood and teens, I took to Bikram Yoga at first, as just another hobby. After about a year into my steady practice, I noticed major changes in my life that seemed to occur naturally, but in fact I owe many of those changes to my yoga practice.

So, I decided Yoga would be major part of my life forever. I then moved myself to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, MA where I lived and worked for a few months, followed by an immersive 200 Yoga Teacher Training in 2004.

Now its 2017 in Austin, Texas and I am proud to be part of this wonderful yoga community! Certified from Pure Yoga Texas in the summer of 2017, I am overjoyed to teach this amazingly powerful yoga system, that actually is a 90 minute open eyed meditation!

We all are students of life & we can all learn from one another. Get your yogabag ready and come on in!