Hot Bikram 90

The classic, beginner-friendly Bikram Method class consists of 26 postures in a two-set sequence for maximum therapeutic benefit. The foundation for all hot yoga students, regardless of age, ability or experience.

105 degrees, 90 minutes.

Hot Bikram hour

Pressed for time? This version of the Original Hot Yoga class, with only one set of most postures, will leave you feeling completely refreshed. Get the jump-start you need in only one hour.

105 degrees, 60 minutes.

Hot Flow 90

Elevate your practice with flowing sequences, hip openers and basic arm balances, at a comfortable learning pace. Activate your core. Free up your hips and your mind! Class is open to all students ready for a fun challenge!

100 degrees, 90 minutes.

84 Advanced Asanas

The most comprehensive system of the hatha yoga asana practice, including salutations, arm balances, inversions, and advanced asanas. It will not only challenge your entire body and mind, but leave you feeling like a champ! Not for the faint of heart.

100 degrees, 120 minutes.