Christopher likes it hot — when referring to both his roasted jalapeño salsa and his yoga. After teaching the Bikram series for twelve years in New York City, he relocated to Austin in 2018 seeking better tacos and better yoga. And he certainly found what he was looking for with PURE Yoga Texas. (*tacos not available at PURE Yoga Texas)

Come to Christopher’s class if you’re looking for teaching methods steeped in anatomical precision. He is a master at establishing a genuine connection with every single person in the room.

On his eternal pursuit of knowledge, he completed massage school in both the United States and in Thailand. When he’s not busy working closely with Gil Hedley in his Somanautics Workshops and Leslie Kaminoff with Yoga Anatomy Seminars, he’s teaching yoga, seeing massage clients, and teaching his very own anatomy course. He also somehow makes some time to eat tacos. He moved his private massage practice from New York City to Austin in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since! His offerings are rooted in deep knowledge, insight, and skill.