How has your yoga practice changed you?
“Aside from feeling better, eating better, sleeping better, yoga has saved my life on more than one occasion. In my mid 30’s I was hospitalized for 9 days with a ruptured appendix. The appendix was never removed. I never became septic. The doctors’ explanation for not removing it was that performing surgery might spread the infection where my body was already working sufficiently to wall it off. I credit yoga for that type of proper functioning amid an otherwise physical crises.

Fast forward, a couple years later I put good habits on the back burner & moved reckless habits to the foreground. I developed a crystal meth habit. It took me about 2 months to realize meth was a problem for me & then it took another 2 years to do something about it. Finally, I reached out for help. After some starts and stops with recovery, I got back in the hot room and that is where I began to reclaim my life. Someone from AA gifted me with The Big Book. While exploring the 12 steps, I tracked my using habits on the inside cover. The last entry of use is 17 Sept 2006. 4 years later, almost exactly to the day, I started teacher training. Full disclosure, I ran kicking & screaming from 12 step by step 4. But 2006 was indeed the last time I used. I credit yoga. “

Where are you from?
“Born & raised in Fredericksburg, Tx”

What do you do outside of teaching?
“I’ve been a hairdresser since about 1993. When the pandemic shut down the hair & yoga industries, I picked up work at my neighborhood H-E-B doing personal shopping/curbside delivery. I continue to balance the 3 professions for the time being.”

What are your hobbies?
“I’ve put in a respectable amount of time & energy as an actor & a runner.”

When did you take your first yoga class?
“My first yoga class was probably around 1995. The style was Iyengar & I loved it immediately. It was a good and necessary balance to the running that I was starting to develop. In 1998 I began training for the 1999 Austin marathon. Upon completion of that, I continued to train and run half marathons. About that time a training buddy got me to my first Bikram yoga class which would have been about 2000 or 2001. I hated it. And I swore I’d never return. Then, about 3 hours after that first class, I was bouncing off the walls with energy and realized, ‘it must be from that (dang) hot yoga class.’ So, I returned. Within the first week I noticed marked improvements in my abilities & my appearance & in my life. I was hooked. “

What made you decide to go to teacher training?
“I went to San Diego for teacher training in the fall of 2010. I wanted to & was ready to share what had become a powerful force for good in my life.”