Born and raised in the South of France, I first came to the United States on a three-months tourist visa. I trained for 9 weeks with Bikram Choudhry and became a Certified Bikram Yoga instructor in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2012.
Immediately, I fell in love with this country and its endless opportunities for growth. I moved permanently to the United States in 2013, and started teaching Bikram Yoga full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area. Concurrently, I decided to go back to school where I found interested in nursing and public health. After getting a Graduate Certificate in Public Health from The University of Texas Health Science Center, I started nursing school at the University of Texas at Austin. I became a Registered Nurse in June 2021, and am currently working at St David’s Medical Center in Austin, as a RN in the cardiac rehab unit where I also take care of amputees and post-operative patients. Nursing and teaching yoga have the same meaning to me. “Turn your passion into action” they say. Both jobs provide me with the same satisfaction: humbly and patiently, providing my small contribution to help my patients or students heal physically, mentally and emotionally.
Besides being a RN and a yoga instructor at PURE Yoga Texas, I am currently a student at UT Austin in the Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at UT Austin. Once I become a Nurse Practitioner in May 2023, I would love to focus my work on yoga, mindfulness and holistic approaches to mental health.