Megan Fine’s passion for yoga stems from a deep relationship with human connection. Having a kinesiology as well as a nursing degree, her study has turned into a dedication to helping people increase awareness in their bodies. Fairly new to teaching, she started her dedicated yoga teacher journey a year and a half ago while falling in love with the lifestyle.

Diving deep into meditation and yoga to heal old patterns and past shame around addiction. So far she has completed 200hr ytt, 2 meditation teacher trainings, and is currently finishing her 300hr ytt as well as 1 & 2 Reiki certification. She asipres to continue exploring spiritual, physical and emotional leadership.

In her free time she enjoys co-creating with the community by taking photos of people in their passions with her company Free Flow Fotography and hostessing retreats domestically/internationally. She loves to spend time with her Fiancée and dogs in nature and day dreaming about traveling together.