Certified Fall 2015 in Thailand: I was introduced to Bikram yoga in an unlikely place, the gym of a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. At the time I was unsure what this “yoga” had to do with anything, especially coming from a very downtrodden and pessimistic place physically, mentally and spiritually.
After a few months at the center I began to see small benefits from the yoga, but it was not until I utilized the hot room after graduating that I realized the extent and power of this practice.

A few years down the road and this practice is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of my life. After diving headfirst into my own practice, I soon knew that teaching yoga is how I wanted to spend my life. 
If I can be a vessel for empowering even one person to change their life through this practice and to experience the challenge, clarity and grace it offers, then this journey has all been a complete success.