Your Brain on Yoga

Long-term brain health requires a steady supply of oxygen, glucose, and physical activity – the last factor often the missing ingredient in today’s sedentary lifestyles. While many forms of exercise exist, yoga asana classes are exemplary physical modalities that incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, breath, concentration, and eye focus. The human brain thrives on physical activity,…

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What’s the Best Time of Day to Practice Yoga?

“Practice in the morning makes one work better at one’s vocation. In the evening it removes the fatigue of the day’s strain and makes one fresh and calm.” B.K.S. Iyengar Consistency is Key! Experiment a little to find the routine that fits your lifestyle and your schedule. This may change over time as your life…

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Y.E.S. to PURE Community and Networking Events

Want to Network with our PURE Community? We’ve teamed up with Angelique and Stephen Huntsman, founders of Y.E.S. Fest LIVE, bringing Yoga + Entertainment + Social Impact = Y.E.S., with a series of mixers and networking events with like-minded people looking to make a positive difference in this highly stressed out world! We had an…

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Inferno Hot Pilates for Bone Health?

Inferno Hot Pilates for Bone Health? Pilot research over the last decade shows how yoga can help those at risk for osteoporosis. At PURE, we have heard numerous testimonials from students whose doctors have been amazed at the reversal from osteoporosis to osteopenia (a less severe condition), and overall gains in mineral bone density in…

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Texas Yoga Retreat

An Inspirational Weekend Yoga Retreat Mardy and Jeff presented several sessions at the Texas Yoga Retreat in October. Invited by founders Charles MacInerney and Ellen Smith, two of Austin’s longest and most beloved yoga teachers, it was an opportunity to rest, relax, and share our asana practice and PURE Action, Inc. community yoga outreach with…

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Why Men Do Yoga

Listen to Willie Tell You Why! 20 years ago, you’d see hardly any men in a yoga class. Today, as more men see the benefits of yoga, you’ll see even half a class filled with men of all ages, shapes, and conditions. Why? Listen to Willie, who at the age of 64, has been practicing…

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Welcome to PURE Yoga Texas! Since 2003, we've been building a thriving community of like-minded people looking to better their lives through yoga and exercise. We bring the Original Hot Yoga, a 26-posture set sequence in a 105 degree room, in its purest form taught by certified Original Hot Yoga Association and Bikram Yoga teachers. We also deliver Inferno Hot Pilates, Ashtanga yoga, and Yin yoga classes in their most authentic forms, to respect and preserve each lineage of teaching. We carefully curate our teachers to bring you only the best!
Locally owned, locally loved in Austin&Cedar Park since 2003. Our family grew in 2016 with PURE Yoga Dallas, our new sister studio.
We were voted First Place Yoga Studio again in the 2019 Best of the Best Austin American-Statesman and Austin360's Official Choice Awards.