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All of our Studios are OPEN!

Welcome to PURE Yoga Texas! At PURE, you will find a warm and welcoming community of teachers, staff, and students. We offer the Original Hot Yoga (26&2) as well as lots of other yoga and fitness classes (it's all hot!). PURE has four studio locations in Austin & Cedar Park and one location in Dallas. See you on your mat!

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Why Practice Yin Yoga?

Meet your PURE Yoga Teacher. Learn and have fun with their unique video interviews, and vote for yourself as Best of the Best Yoga Studio in the Austin American Statesman 2020 Readers’ Choice Poll

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Savasana for the WIN! (Because science said so.)

Dead body pose: Stillness… Relaxation… Restoration… Receiving… The words go on and on to describe this delicious part of our yoga practice. For most yogis, Savasana can be made to ‘seem easy,’ yet is often the most difficult to execute. The mind wanders, the fidgets start the breath changes, all making it hard to surrender.…

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Setting Up the Ideal Space for Your “Home Practice”

A “home practice” is a concept that many of us have grown (willingly or unwillingly) quite familiar with over the last year! While your yoga studio offered a chance at peace, community, and even escape; your home practice now attempts to fill those shoes. But can it? The old saying: “where there is a will, there is a way” comes to mind here. Here are our tips for achieving a “zen vibe” at home!

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PURE Revolution: One Year After COVID

It’s hard to believe that one year has passed since we closed our yoga studio doors with the uncertainty of what lay ahead for our students, teachers, our five studio locations, and the entire fitness industry. We grieve for the greater than half a million lives lost in the U.S. Nearly all of us have…

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