PURE Yoga Texas was established in Austin, Texas, in 2003, when Mardy Chen opened the first location in Davenport/Westlake. Her husband, Jeff Chen, joined her in 2008, and they grew the hot yoga community in the Greater Austin area to four convenient locations. In 2016, Jeff and Mardy partnered up with their Austin managers, Audra Shimek and Nora Rex, and the four now co-own PURE Yoga Dallas.


PURE's mission is simple and pure: To empower all people to improve their lives through regular fitness and yoga practice, and to inspire students by serving as exemplary role models in the hot room and in the community.

PURE Yoga Texas offers the original, beginner-friendly Hot 26 and Hot 26 PLUS classes, the more intense Advanced and gentle Yin Yoga classes, Ashtanga (Mysore, Half & Full Primary), as well as high intensity Inferno Hot Pilates sessions for a great core workout.


Over the last 15+ years, our teachers have deepened their knowledge and practice through study of anatomy, study of yoga therapy at the Ghosh Yoga College (Calcutta, India), continued to practice the 84 Advanced Asanas, partaken in continuing education workshops, and got certified to teach Inferno Hot Pilates with IHP founder Gabi Walters.


PURE Yoga Texas is a member of the Original Hot Yoga Association, and is powered by the consortium Sweat N Glow.


Mardy and Jeff have been practicing HOT 26 continuously since 1999. The more they practiced and taught the same, precise 26 posture sequence, the more they have been inspired by student testimonials describing the myriad of benefits they receive, including:

  • weight loss and increased flexibility
  • athletic performance improvement (novice to professional athletes)
  • reduced stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression
  • reduction of cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • regulation of hormones and blood sugar levels
  • elimination or reduction of back pain
  • avoidance of unneeded surgeries (knees, hips, shoulders)
  • recovery from surgeries and autoimmune diseases

Why Pure?

PURE Yoga Texas has served up the HOT 26+2 since 2003, building a thriving community of teachers and practitioners who truly understand the benefits that the unique, therapeutic system of hatha yoga brings to body and mind.

The average teaching experience of PURE’s teaching staff is well over 7 years. We continually hone our teaching skills through workshops and practical classroom experience, working with students of all ages and health conditions.

We practice intermediate and advanced level classes to further deepen our practice. Our collective approach to sharing knowledge with each other is what helps us build an exceptional group of teachers who will guide you to be your best!