Ashtanga Full Primary:

Flow with the rhythm of the breath as you practice the Ashtanga Full Primary sequence of postures developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, from Mysore, India. Expect hands-on assists from your instructors to help you deepen your practice. At PURE, we heat up the studio to keep the environment safe and to maximize ventilation and disinfection of the air. When the breath control is correct, mind control is possible. 85-90 degrees. 90 minutes.

Ashtanga Half Primary:

The Ashtanga Yoga system is the foundation for virtually all "Vinyasa Yoga" styles. Explore the roots of your Vinyasa Yoga practice. Complement your Original Hot Yoga practice. Class begins with Sun Salutations (A&B), the standing sequence and seated sequence (through Navasana), followed by the entire closing set of poses. Expect hands-on assists from your instructors to help you deepen your postures. 85-90 degrees. 75 minutes.

Ashtanga Intro:

This class is great for students looking to round out their Original Hot Yoga practice or begin exploring the Ashtanga Primary Series. With plenty of Sun Salutations and vinyasa between postures, you'll build more upper body strength and learn to ride the rhythm of your breath. Some of the more challenging postures are skipped at the instructor's judgment, and more time is allowed for explanations, modifications, and hands-on assists. 85-90 degrees. 60 minutes.


Hot Power Vinyasa:

Inner strength and stability. Blend these two in a structured vinyasa flow sequence and feel your power grow with each class you take. Connecting vinyasa flow with hatha yoga flow not only makes this class dynamic in movement but demands full concentration and mind-body connectedness. Start your Journey into Power with with Angela, Autumn, Bretton, Jeff, Lindsay, Rosalyn and Staci.