Are you Ready for the Challenge?

Start by Elevating your Practice!


"Love how the PLUS and ADVANCED classes really help deepen my everyday practice! I've been taking one of these each week for the last several years, and I've found big improvement in my beginning class practice. Go into these classes with an open mind and an attitude of fun, and you won't be disappointed!" – Mike O.

At PURE Yoga Texas, we have brought Hot Yoga to Austin, Cedar Park and Dallas in its purest form since 2003, introducing its physical and mental health benefits to over 50,000 people. Practicing and leading the same 26-posture set sequence repeatedly over 20 years has enabled our teachers to understand each posture as they relate to a wide range of students. Our in-depth expertise is unparalleled!

Since 2004, we have regularly practiced the 84 Advanced Class series from the Ghosh Yoga College of India where it was compiled. The system recruits every part of your being, body and mind, but at the end of class you'll feel accomplished and inspired to practice more and more. From this advanced system, we've developed our "PLUS" classes, which serve as gateways to the full advanced series. It's usually best to start with a PLUS class, then work your way to 84 Advanced!

Locally owned and locally loved in Austin, Cedar Park and Dallas, we were voted First Place Yoga Studio in the 2019 Best of the Best Austin American-Statesman and Austin360's Official Choice Awards. Come in and see how our #PUREcommunity supports one another to feel better each day, each class, each posture, and each breath!


Hot Yoga PLUS: Elevate your practice with flowing sequences, hip openers and basic arm balances at a comfortable learning pace. Activate your core. Free up your hips and your mind! Class is open to all students ready for a fun challenge! 100 degrees, 90 minutes.

Hot Yoga HOMEWORK: Specific posture questions? Feeling stuck? Come in and improve strength and flexibility with special exercises, including back-bends, arm balances, and twists. It will improve your asana practice! Class is open to all students ready for fun in a super relaxed environment! 95 degrees, 60 minutes.

ADVANCED: The most comprehensive system of hot yoga, including salutations, arm balances, inversions, and very advanced asanas. It will not only challenge your entire body and mind, but leave you feeling like a champ! Not for the faint of heart. 84 postures, 100 degrees, 120 minutes.