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GETTING FIT FAST is easier with the effectiveness of High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combined with Pilates principles. This short 5-set video series will orient you to Inferno Hot Pilates, the latest heated exercise class / fitness craze, created by Gabi Walters.

Inferno Hot Pilates is a total body fitness class, typically done in a hot yoga room, but you can get similar results with this workout class from home. HIGH INTENSITY. LOW IMPACT. Watch all 5 parts (short videos in the playlist below) to learn the basic elements of an Inferno Hot Pilates class, then experience a FULL 45 or 60 minutes CLASS set to special music playlists with the best trainers, LIVE STREAM on ZOOM or on-demand, on our NEW VIRTUAL PLATFORM.

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5 star rating pure website

"I love the energy and excitement that both the instructors and the other students bring to class. The time flies by and even though it’s still an intense workout, it’s fun! " - Betsy, Inferno Student

5 star rating pure website

"It’s such an excellent addition to any fitness routine, to work muscles that you otherwise wouldn’t yet help even in day to day activities. And, it’s super fun due to the energy of the instructors and other people in class!!" - Steph, Inferno Student


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Inferno Hot Pilates and Inferno Strength

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Carolyn C.

Inferno Hot Pilates and Inferno Strength


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Inferno Hot Pilates and Inferno Strength

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Raj H.

Inferno Hot Pilates and Inferno Strength


Cicely J.

Inferno Hot Pilates


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Inferno Hot Pilates


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Inferno Hot Pilates


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Inferno Hot Pilates



Locally owned and locally loved in Austin, Cedar Park and Dallas, we were voted First Place in the Best of the Best Yoga Studio in 2020 in the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360's Official Choice Awards. Come in and see how our #PUREcommunity supports one another to feel better each day, each class, each posture, and each breath!