New Student Welcome


Explore what makes the PURE Yoga Texas community unique with our offer to New Students: Two-weeks for only $30!

Unlimited Classes, including the Hot 26+2, Hot 26 Plus, and Inferno Hot Pilates.

Register. Reserve your spot. Arrive early. Classes start on time.

INFERNO hot pilates


Inferno Hot Pilates is an exhilarating, fun, high intensity interval training (HIIT) using Pilates principles. Rock it out to your favorite beats as you strengthen your core. Burn fat, lose weight and sing along -- What more can you ask for?

Regular classes in Cedar Park, Downtown Austin, North Austin, and Dallas!

Use your PURE membership or Drop in for $25.

introduction to ashtanga


This one hour Intro to Ashtanga yoga class is beginner-friendly and will focus on learning and practicing the correct form and sequencing in preparation for the Full Primary Series of the Ashtanga Yoga System.

Class will include Sun Salutations A and B, along with multiple postures from the standing, seated, and finishing sequences of the Primary Series. All poses can be modified for all types of bodies and conditions that will bring a therapeutic healing effect on the student's physical and psychic body.

Use your PURE membership or Drop in for $25.

ASHTANGA full primary series


Every Saturday, 1215pm, Downtown Austin.

Use your PURE membership or Drop in for $25.

Yoga Talks | Yoga for recovery


PURE Action invites you to their next donation class hosted at PURE. Hear about yoga research and community involvement, with the emphasis on how yoga helps with addiction recovery.

PURE Action is an Austin, TX based non-profit supporting yoga research and aiming to bring yoga to the community.
Yoga is Medicine.
All donations benefit PURE Action's local community reach-out programs.