Not All Hot Yoga is the Same! Here’s Why…

At 105 degrees and a set 26-posture sequence, the “Original Hot Yoga,” first created in Calcutta, India and Tokyo, then popularized in the United States as Bikram Yoga, has continued on in its authentic form at PURE Yoga Texas since 2003, locally owned by Mardy and Jeff Chen. Look for the Original Hot Yoga Association seal of approval!

Why the Extra Heat? Research studies by Dr. Charles Raison show that whole-body hyperthermia can be an effective therapy for major depression and anxiety. The anti-depressive effect is amplified when the core body temperature is raised to over 101 degrees, a level reached and sustained for the last half of a PURE Hot Yoga class!

While the heat level might seem daunting at first, the mental benefits are certainly worth it. It’s not a coincidence that the feeling of euphoria and energy are what students feel after class!

Be careful: Hot yoga can be addictive! “I feel great” is the common phrase we hear after class.

Our beginning “Sweat N Glow” hot yoga class is led in either a 90-minute (SNG-90) or a 60-minute (SNG Hour) format. Your entire body is worked on the physical level, inside and out. To make the class accessible to everyone, we don’t perform sun salutations, arm-balances, or inversions (try a PLUS or Advanced class for those!). Most importantly, our beginning class postures are challenging but appropriate for all levels.

Heated exercise has been proven to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, which still is the leading cause of death in the United States. Through our nonprofit organization, PURE Action, we have performed extensive research on benefits of hot yoga. See the evidence for yourself at https:/